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Why Charter?

Service guarantee – Conveyancing deals with your biggest and most important asset and involves complicated legal paperwork. We break down the jargon and steps you need to complete on critical dates, this ensures you have the advice when you need it and we can act to protect you. We do it this way to make it easy for you and we guarantee our service.

Our Solicitors are Members of the Queensland Law Society and follow the Queensland Conveyancing Protocols with our advice and checks. We have completed well over ten thousand transactions over 10 years. This means your biggest and most important investment is safe in our hands. We have three easy to reach locations in Brisbane; Upper Mount Gravatt, Aspley and Bulimba. To ensure we are convenient to reach when you need us, you can easily reach us on the phone too.

Choose the option that best suits you:

Choose and pay for only the services you need:


Buyers: From $1,200
Sellers: From $550

• Service guarantee
• Pre-signing contract review
• Draft special conditions
• Unlimited extensions
• Attend settlement
• Required Searches*

* Searches required for buyers only.
  Searches in more detail on quote.



Buyers: From $1,595
Sellers: $650

Everything in the Basic
• Review and Protect property report
• Banking cheques after settlement
• Early termination
• Standard Searches*

* Searches required for buyers only.
  Searches in more detail on quote.



Buyers: From $2,995

This is a concierge service that includes everything in the Standard
• Building and Pest Inspections report
• Organizing connection of services
• Mortgage Finance check
• Recommended Searches*

* Explained in more detail on the quote.


Why do we have packages?

Providing clients with choice allows each person to choose exactly what risks they want protection from and to know exactly what your bill will be at the end of your matter. Our clients and the properties they buy and sell vary and our packages reflect this.

Which package is best for me?


Our platinum package suits people that are time poor or people that will be unavailable for periods of the conveyancing process due to being overseas or in hard to reach places. In this package we essentially manage all the day to day issues from ordering and reviewing the building and pest inspection to connecting services and engaging a managing agent along with running all the legal processes for conveyancing.


Our Standard package is our main service offering. The package includes a good range of searches along with important services not offered by our competitors.


Our basic package is our no-frills legal service which provides experience with a basic search package to keep your costs low and cover the usual risks associated with purchasing or selling a property. This is the standard level of service offered by most firms offering conveyancing as a legal service.

Ultimately the package you decide is best for you will be the one that fits your budget, risk profile and the property itself, if you have any queries please give us a call and we would be delighted to give advice on what would suit you best.

Phil and Wati Bennet, Brisbane

“Thanks very much for all the work you have done, Sharon, and also for keeping us
informed along the way. We’d recommend your company to anyone.”

– Phil and Wati Bennet, Brisbane

Cassidy & Boris, Brisbane

“Hi Sharon, that’s excellent news! Hopefully it settled without too much complication. Thanks for helping us
through the legal side of the sale process. I was impressed wit h your efficiency & responsiveness.”
– Cassidy & Boris, Brisbane